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Which version of YOU are you committed to living into?

Reconnect with your passion and purpose wholeheartedly while staying away from all the bullsh*t."

Because if you are ready to let go of the identity of your past and embrace the EMPOWERED, emotionally free, and fulfilled you of your future, then I am committed to supporting you in doing just that.

Learn how to finally shift the blocks and negative patterns that are holding you back, so that you can graciously step into more flow and fulfillment...

For those of you who are still curious about the kind of progress you could make if you went even deeper in to the work...

To resolve the core blocks interfering with your progress

Or finally change the patterns that are no longer serving you in your life,

I am inviting you to join the 12 Weeks to A New State of Being Virtual Program.

The most important question I have for you is this:

Are you ready to connect with the part of you that is free from the baggage of the past and create a new future from a place of confidence and grace?

Yes! Secure My Spot To The 12 Weeks Program!

Hi, my name is Hang...

Over 25 years ago I was forced to retire and give up my dream of being in the 1996 Olympics due to chronic back pain. No doctors could explain why I couldn’t stand on my feet for more than 30 minutes. I had no choice but to transition from being an elite athlete, to a competitive coach at the age of 14 years old.

On the outside, it seemed like I was holding everything together but on the inside I was DYING. Riddled with chronic physical pain, and heartbroken that I had to give up my dream. I was overwhelmed, stifled, and stuck. 

My self-confidence and my self-worth plummeted. I no longer felt like a champion.

As I began desperately searching for answers, I slowly found bits and pieces to the puzzle. I devoured all the information I could get my hands on tried just about all the practices that I could possibly find...

Now, over the last 14 years, I have been fortunate to use what I know and am gifted with to successfully help many wholehearted high-performing clients. I helped these clients to move beyond their obstacles. The best part is that they got there without sacrificing themselves nor their integrity by healing their deepest emotional wounds that disconnected them from their own heart, body, and soul.

This program is for YOU if...

  • You are a wholehearted high achiever (Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant, Expert, C-Level Executive, Entertainer, Elite Athlete, etc.)

  • You have hit a plateau in business, career, and life, and you're ready to experience greater levels of joy and fulfillment and SUCCESS in your life again.

  • You are having a hard time enjoying life and everything that comes with it.

  • You don’t have the energy and capacity to do things at a peak performance anymore.

  • You want to FEEL more connected to your passion and purpose.

  • You've achieved success in your life... And you are still doing the things that brought that success, but you've hit a plateau and you feel stuck and unfulfilled inside. 

  • You want to build a stronger connection with your authentic self so you can show up more powerfully in the world.

  • You want to get back to the energetic and enthusiastic you.

  • You have gone through any upheaval, loss, trauma 

    and want to reset your energy.

  • You want to be more present in the now and feel more fulfilled.

  • Revealing 3 Secrets....

    1. Heal The Past

    Discover a proven framework to resolve the past wounds that have been standing in your way and holding you back from your fullest life. If we don’t overcome our past traumas, what we "try" to do will not account for much.

    2. Connect To The Present

    Most people lose contact with the present. They either regret the past or worry about the future. In this phase, you’ll learn how to connect to the present and live FULLY in the moment and experience more lovejoy and inner fulfillment!

    3. Create The Future

    In this final phase, you'll learn how to powerfully create the future you envision by aligning your heartmind, and body in harmony. In this phase, many people discover an entirely new path that they had never considered before!

    Don't Miss Your Chance!

    I am opening 12 spots

    for new students on January 2023... 

    Yes! Secure My Spot To The 12 Weeks Program

    My clients pay me up to $5,000 for a VIP one-to-one Coaching day to teach you the things I'm going to teach you in this 12-week program....

    So if you're ready to...

    - FINALLY surrender and allow your REAL power to come forth

    - NO longer feel like "something is wrong with me"

    - STOP constantly judging and questioning your choices

    - CALM the voices in your head once and for all

    - QUIT trying to feel good about yourself

    I invite you to register to this online program experience

    Join me (Hang) and 12 wholehearted warriors in this exclusive program via Zoom where you will learn to re-connect with yourself again...

    But for you who took the 12-week journey last year with me, here's a special OFFER!

    You can re-take the course

    For Only $1,111

    Through a combination of classroom style teaching, breakout sessions, LOVE seat sessions, and Q & A --- this interactive experience will be like none other!

    Class schedule:

    every Wednesday from

    January 25 to April 12, 2023

    9:00 AM - 10:30 AM HST

    I Am Joining This Program Now!

    Are You Next?

    Nicole Coope

    "Hang helped me get past my conscious mind and really dig deep into un-tapping what the unconscious mind was bringing up."

    Karmen Reed

    "What I learned working with Hang is how to process my emotions. The emotional freedom that I feel now is priceless."

    Starla Marie

    An incredible blessing to everyone, and truly an angel sent from above. She encourages you to keep your heart open, love cleanly, and always remember that hashtag #you'vegotlove

    Deb Clark

    I think I told you more than once; you became my 'magic genie' that just showed up on my desk to talk to me and help me to stay grounded every week. 

    Rose Chu

    In Hang's class, we shared common experiences, I learned methods to identify and understand my daily challenges and dreams. I am now on the road to letting go of a lifetime collection of self-judgments and judgments of everything I care about.  Letting go has brought a greater peace of mind and self-acceptance. I have saved time and gained freedom using my "authentic moments" to make quicker decisions by taking more action in the present vs. dwelling in the past or the future.

    Nancy Vu

    At first, I was hesitant but decided “what do I have to lose?! Traditional therapy was not helping me.” So I signed up. The weekly theme was so relevant to my life and I love my AM partner! This course connected me to a group of amazing individuals that I grew to love in such a short period of time. They are supportive, non-judgmental, genuinely loving. I felt so loved by strangers who have become an important anchor in my life. The course is relevant to people of all ages and diverse backgrounds.

    Jessica Maxwell

    Though it wavers, I’ve learned to trust the timing of my own life more than I had before I started working with Hang. She has this unique energy to her – a gentle ‘force’ of power to bring ideas and people together to feel less alone in a world where I feel that plenty. In the midst of only a few weeks, I was a witness to my own transformation and willingness to speak freely about my traumas and accept help. Flow has led us to some truly powerful insights and figuring out the next step in healing. We really don’t know what unfolds in the next moment, but I’ve learned a lot about how far consistency, intention, and embracing the unknown can take a human being. Thank you, Hang!

    John Leano

    I am a business owner with 3 different businesses, one of which is an international business. Prior to meeting Hang I was floundering in the startup of my business. In 2017 I started working with Hang. She assisted me in clearing that thinking and was the catalyst that set me on the course which created the international business. A serious accident had me return to Hawaii and serendipitously opened up an opportunity to work with Hang again. I was able to be in the 12 week "Unexpected Transformations" program and am currently in the "Love Force Group". My life has been dramatically impacted by working with Hang and being with the people in the programs.

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