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Allow me to introduce you to Hang ...

She a woman of integrity, generosity, compassion and love. She finds joy in helping others and making this world a better place.

She helps those from all walks of life. Inspires and motivates them to succeed, let go of emotional baggage, and encourages them to be the best version of themselves.

Some compare her to a superwoman, wholehearted warrior, and especially around Christmas, Santa’s wonderful elf.

She understands the depth of people’s emotions and helps them see ways and possibilities which will serve them best, and do things that are good for all of humanity.

She likes to flow and give a unique and not astronaut kind of space. She believes that life isn’t a race, but should be designed to bring you and others around you the most joy and happiness.

A one of a kind person and friend, who will have your back till the very end. An incredible blessing to everyone, and truly an angel sent from above.

She encourages you to keep your heart open, love cleanly, and always remember that hashtag #youvegotlove.

starla marie
Starla Marie

Singer, song writer,

producer and actress


"...she is able to get the issue in a short amount of time is not thing short of AMAZING"

Ruth Klein

CEO of Expert Celebrity™ Branding, Author of six best-selling books

Let today be the day you say “YES!” to the joyful life your heart desires.

Are you exhausted from overdoing, over pushing, over willing, overwhelms and being stuck? Are you looking for the RIGHT HELP?

If you say yes to both of the questions above, apply for your spot to have a Heart to Heart conversation with me to see how I can best support you to FEEL better to DO and BE better in all areas of your life.  Click APPLY HERE below!


"Dear Hang,

After my VIP Day session with you, my life has changed so much, and it's all for the better! What I learned on that one day has enabled me to find myself. In the few short weeks since our VIP Day, I've implemented the ideas and techniques you provided, and already I've let go of the baggage that has been bogging me down and cluttering my mind and my life. By clearing that negative baggage from my heart, I've attracted friends, fun, and lots of joy. I've learned how to love myself. Therefore I can pass on that love to the others in my life. The pieces of my life that had been falling apart for years are now rebuilding into a beautiful castle, bigger, better, and stronger than it's ever been before. I almost feel like I've been reborn!

I thank you sincerely and from the bottom of my heart for providing the guidance and support for me to find my joy again."

With so much gratitude,

chaitanya lay

Chaitanya Lay

Super MOM-preneur

from California

  • Internal
  • External

I had such a great experience with a VIP day with Hang. I felt very VIP. I got many things from this concentrated time with Hang.  I got in touch with my emotions. I learned how to release my feelings that affect my physical health and my life. By the end of the day, I felt lighter with a lot of the issuesI felt more confident with the tools I learned from Hang. I walked away knowing how to use the specific method to clear my emotional issues, shield myself from negative people, and let go of the things that are not serving me. For those who are thinking about hiring Hang: go for it, take the risk; it is worth it. Before working with Hang, I didn't know what to expect, and I wasn't sure. I am glad I trusted myself and went for it because I really enjoyed myself.



from Maui - Hawaii

 " In just one day working with Hang, I found a clarity that I was searching for years! I gained inner peace within myself. I felt lighter and feel that I am good enough. My favorite part of the VIP day with Hang was learning a technique to heal myself. Now I know that I can clear my own unwanted emotions for good. The breaks in between were nice because it gave me time to integrate what I learned from her. Before working Hang, I had many fears, and the biggest one was the fear of the unknown. I wasn't sure if I could totally open up to Hang. After working with her, I felt completely different. I can move forward now that I found my path and have a life purpose.  

The values I got from this VIP day far exceeded what I invested in. I got so much out of it that I decided to hire her for an entire year."

kim castillo

Kim Castillo

Amazing Mom and Gramma from Hawaii

angela britten

"...the biggest transformation after working with Hang would be that my perspective has shifted.."

Angela Britten

CFRE, Development Director, Hawaii Islands Land Trust

dale coarsey

"...I've seen a lot in growth on my business. My ability to tackle tasks is so much better."

Dale Coarsey

Owner and designer of Hippy Chic Hawaii

  • "...the first day working with Hang, where we came from point A to point B in a 6 hours period.  Absolutely blew me away.  You could feel the weight being lifted..."

    ryan charaba

    Ryan Charaba

    CEO of First Wake up, Coach, Speaker

deb clarke

Deb Clarke

CPA, CMA, MBACEO, Author, eBizCoach.ca

...The breakthrough I have experienced has been amazing ... culminating in a substantial financial gain this week, but the real wealth I have gained from you is a more balanced me.  I know you are smiling.

 It was the beginning of a huge transition time for me. I was preparing to leave a 15-year corporate career and a regular salary that would be the envy of many.  The last year and a half of my career have been a complex 3-way merger, with clashing cultures and divided leadership. It was a real challenging time, an emotional roller coaster. When I decided to start researching my next chapter as an entrepreneur, it was exciting for me, but it was also like stepping back in time.  I had been a successful young entrepreneur in my 20's-30's, and so much was different now, including my definition of success. I felt like so much was at stake this time. But I soon learned by working with you; the universe has my back.  

Hang, because of you I will enjoy this new experience, this new chapter in my life, to its' fullest. I will hone in my energy when at my best, so I can contain the fire and pace it out. And, I will embrace all emotions without judgment. It's a new day for me - I'm more aware of my body and my surroundings than ever before. THE BEST PART of our short three months working together ... you taught me how to embrace and accept the 'flow' of the universe for the changes that were imminent before me. The universe responded with an amazing offer (my best financial scenario envisioned with you). Hang, you said, "if you need 100% confidence from the Universe to move forward with this, ask for it."  We completed some very empowering exercises together, and it was literally that same week, my best financial scenario and business result happened. All I could do was smile when I got the life-changing appointment because I had envisioned it so strongly with you - I already knew the outcome and what I would wear! 

Hang, you are amazing ... did I have concerns about working with you in Hawaii, with me in Canada? - sure, I did! But I'm thankful I pushed past through those concerns, having you show up every week - through my iPad became a highlight of my week.  The first few sessions, I was nervous and awkward - I've never worked with anyone like you before (even in person) - but as the weeks went on, I was looking forward to our Virtual LIVE Appointments. Last week after my big breakthrough, I couldn't wait to connect with you to share the win.  I think I told you more than once; you became my 'magic genie' that just showed up on my desk to talk to me and help me to stay grounded every week.   I will miss those regular visits, Hang, but the magic genie in you has been transferred into me - you will be the little voice in my heart that will continue coaching me to talk to the universe, to listen to my body, and to embrace what is around me.

kimi morton

Kimi Morton

Online Business Coach | Digital Media Solutions | Kids Coach at Egan Inoue Jiu-Jitsu

"Hang's coaching and mentorship truly changed my life and took my business to the next level. I sought out Hang's coaching services to help me in my own journey as a life and business coach and my 12-months of work with her helped me to take my dreams and turn them into reality. Not only does she offer concrete strategies for healers and coaches looking to monetize their gifts, her unique brilliance is helping people to bust through their blocks so that they can do the big work they are meant to in the world. If you're ready to increase your focus, clarity, confidence, and personal empowerment, reach out to Hang. She is an intuitive, caring person with incredible gifts and she is damn good at what she does."

Are you ready for your transformation?

If you are exhausted from overdoing, over pushing, over willing, overwhelms, and being stuck, and you are looking for the RIGHT HELP.

Apply for your spot to have a Heart to Heart conversation with me to see how I can best support you to transform your life in harmony.

I look forward to helping you break through your blocks, challenges, and limiting beliefs.

Click below to learn more about how I can help!

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