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Thank you for saying YES to joining Hang in our

Into The Authentic Moments

12 Weeks To Play With And Experience Life Magic

"I AM Program" - Alpha Run

Program vision: for you to experience the beauty and magic of life that is meant for your optimal state of being of wholeheartedness, openness, surrender, personal potential, intuition, excitement, joy, inspiration, acceptance, space, grace, appreciation, humility, compassion, harmony, love, and flow.

As an early alpha member, you'll be one of the first of a small group to work directly with Hang on this new and revised curriculum. Hang’s goal is for you to experience the contentment, fulfillment, and joy of fully leaning into the AM while manifesting, creating, and experiencing MAGIC that aligns with your soul path.

You'll receive:

- Simple framework and effect tool: Learn directly from Hang, as she shares her updated unique framework and L.O.V.E. tool to optimize your state of being in the process of creating. 

      - Personalized Coaching: Receive group coaching directly from Hang herself, LIVE, over twelve weeks:       

  • 1 one-hour onboarding session

  • 12 one-and-a-half-hour weekly interactive Q&A sessions

  • 1 one - hour private one-on-one session with Hang


    - Weekly Video Content (Sunday): Connect to the weekly theme to focus your attention effectively.

    - Daily Short Supplemental Video (Monday-Friday): Turn your focus energy into inspired action toward your creation. 

    - Whatsapp Group Support: Received extra love and support from fellow wholehearted and Hang

    DEADLINE: Please submit your registration by  Friday, May 19, 2023 at 11:11AM HST


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