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Magic Hours with Hang

2 hours of breaking through your barriers to experiencing life magic!

  • Are you completely exhausted from trying so hard to do things on your own and not going anywhere?

  • Are you frustrated 

    that you know and understand what to do but can't help yourself get in your way?

  • Are you constantly feeling the need to perform, accomplish, and 

    struggle to experience joy in your life?

The GOOD NEWS is that you can effectively and gracefully be free from being completely exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed, lost, confused, worried, and fearful so you can experience inner peace and inner joy your heart has been yearning for

That is why I offer the Magic Hours as a sacred space for you to dive deeper within yourself to experience a profound breakthrough that is heart-openingmind-blowing, and life-changing for you.

Get ready to experience some magic!


"Dear Hang,

             After my VIP Day session with you my life has changed so much and it's all for the better! What I learned on that one day has enabled me to really find myself. In the few short weeks since our VIP Day, I've implemented the ideas and techniques you provided and already I've let go of the baggage that has been bogging me down and cluttering my mind and my life. By clearing that negative baggage from my heart I've been able to attracted friends, fun and lots of joy. I've learned how to really love myself and therefore I can pass on that love to the others in my life. The pieces of my life that had been falling apart for years are now rebuilding into a beautiful castle, bigger, better and stronger than it's ever been before. I almost feel like I've been reborn!

             I thank you sincerely and from the bottom of my heart for providing the guidance and support for me to find my joy again."

With so much gratitude,

Chaitanya Lay from California, Super MOM-preneur

 " In just one day working with Hang I found clarity that I was searching for years! I gained inner peace within myself. I felt lighter and actually feel that I am good enough. My favorite part in the VIP day with Hang was learning a technique to heal myself. Now I know that I can clear my own unwanted emotions for good. The breaks in between were really nice because it gave me time to integrate what I learned from her. Before working Hang, I had many fears, the biggest one was fear of the unknown. I wasn't sure if I could totally open up to Hang. After working with her, I felt completely different. I can move forward now that I found my path and have a life purpose.

             The values I got from this VIP day far exceeded what I invested in. I got so much out of it that I decided to hire her for an entire year."

Kim Castillo from Hawaii, Amazing Mom and Grandma

Experience the Magic TODAY!

2 hours of breaking through your barriers to experiencing life magic!

$ 997

One time investment for life-changing breakthroughs. 


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