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I am looking for wholehearted, trustworthy, sincere, highly motivated, and highly driven clients to whom I serve and bring tremendous growth and results. To ensure your highest level of success, here are my reasonable and straightforward criteria:

  • You are a wholehearted high achiever 

    (entrepreneur, coach, consultant, expert, C-Level Executives, entertainers, Elite athletes). 

  • You have done everything you know of, yet you are still stuck in the same place or even getting worse in your performance, and you are feeling unfulfilled 


  • You are willing to take responsibility for your life. You mentally know what you need to do, but emotionally you can’t help yourself. You are looking for the right help and 


  • You are a highly motivated, open-hearted, sincere, and genuine person. You are a person of your word! Your motivation needs to be at least a 9 (out of 10) to be the right client for me.

  • You are willing to take the time 

    for your growth outside of your regular schedule. This journey requires the same kind of 

    commitment as it is to your profession. I wouldn’t expect

    any less from you. 

  • You are willing to enter a win-win agreement that serves the

    highest good. 

  • You are aware of the time and financial investment required for working with me. It would be best if you did not put yourself or your family at any financial risk by working with me.

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