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Welcome to the The Plan: Mindset Mastery where we dive into the realm of inner work to transform your investment game and elevate all areas of your life.

How does Hang help you get over yourself and successfully implement The Plan for your benefit in the long term?

Eight (8) 60-minute private 1:1 sessions over 8-12 weeks 

Remove the internal blocks and gain a more positive mindset to improve your PLAN implementation. 

Twelve (12) 60-minute private 1:1 sessions over 12-20 weeks 

Remove the internal blocks and deepen your mindset and heart set to improve your PLAN implementation and LIFE.

Price to be discussed on the call (only if you are accepted as a client). Please note that pricing will be similar to the MentorMe Pricing.

Why You Can't Afford to Miss This...

Witness the life-changing power of Hang's coaching through the eyes of core team members from The Plan

This is your chance to experience a profound shift in mindset and unlock your full potential.

Your pursuit of excellence in the world of investments has brought you here, seeking the keys to not just financial triumphs but a life of profound fulfillment and success.

We understand the challenges and pain points that you face on your investment journey.

The fear of losing, anxiety from market fluctuations, and the weight of regrets can lead to poor decision-making and self-sabotage.

Impatience and procrastination may hinder progress, leaving you feeling disheartened and demotivated.

Your Success, Our Priority

As your dedicated mindset coach, Hang brings unparalleled expertise and a transformative approach to help you achieve your dreams:

  • Wholehearted Guidance: Hang's unique background and experiences will resonate with wholehearted high achievers seeking deeper growth and transformation.

  • Intuitive Connection: Hang's innate ability to be present and understand your needs ensures the most optimal outcomes for your journey.

  • Balancing Performance and Spirituality: Embrace a holistic approach that blends performance excellence with spiritual growth for lasting results.

  • Choose the Mindset Mastery: Your Path to Abundant Success

    Why settle for anything less than what you truly deserve? With Hang's exceptional commitment, care, and authenticity, you'll experience a level of support and understanding that will take your achievements to new heights.

    Invest in Your Future Now

    Join us on this transformative journey toward limitless success, inner peace, and true freedom. For a limited time, access our exclusive lower investment through the Mindset Mastery, because your success matters above all else.

    As a member of The Plan, you qualify for a free initial intro call with Hang.


    Overcome Challenges with the Mindset Mastery

    Tackle these challenges head-on and pave the way for a brighter future:

  • Fear Dissolution: Embrace a powerful mindset to conquer the fear of losing and overcome market anxieties, allowing you to make confident and rational decisions.

  • Embrace the Present: Learn to find contentment in the present moment, breaking free from the need to constantly chase future happiness.

  • Executing with Confidence: Say goodbye to procrastination and follow through on the actions you know will lead to success.

  • Navigating Market Turmoil: Develop resilience and confidence to thrive even in unpredictable market conditions.

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