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If the demons of your painful past have robbed you of feeling joy in life…

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When was the last time you felt excited about life?

When you truly felt joyful… peaceful… happy…?

When you were just grateful to be alive and excited to wake up?

If your answer is “It’s been a while…”Let me tell you, you’re not alone. Do you find yourself

Wondering why you’re so unhappy?

Maybe you’re living a life others would consider a “good life”... But for some reason, you feel unable to feel true happiness most of the time.

Maybe you feel a deep seated anger about all the painful things others– your friends, significant other/s, family– have done to you in the past…

Or you’re going through the motions, but you’ve been disconnected from yourself…

Maybe you’re still struggling with your traumatic experiences, and they’re still haunting you for months, years, even decades now…

You just couldn’t let go of the past…

If you’re any– or all– of the above, welcome.

I wrote this letter for you.

Hi, I’m Hang.

And I’ve been working with numerous clients who find it hard to let go of their painful past, their conditioning, or their trauma.

One of my clients is a woman in her 50’s. Professionally, she’s done extraordinarily well. 

Let’s call her “Lara” (for privacy protection reasons).Lara came to me as her last resort.

Because even after years of going to therapy, she was ready to end her life.

After our work together, she says…

“I felt hope. A light came back on… I can finally go through a week without feeling like I’m about to explode.”

But it wasn’t always like that.

Before we worked together, she had felt so disconnected from joy. She had everything right from the outside…

A stable career she loves…

A partner who’s always by her side…

A family who loves her and cares for her… even a beautiful house…

Yet she was so unhappy, and she didn’t know why.

As a result of her inner turmoil, her relationships suffered. She would project all the pain she felt and hurt the ones she loves.

She had recurring migraines that made her head pound and her health deteriorated.

She would constantly relive her traumatic experiences and end up even more angry, hurt and bitter. 

And get triggered and feel distraught afterwards.

This was her cycle day in, day out. In her words, she felt “stuck.” And she didn’t know a way out. 

She was so scared of this being the only thing she experiences till she gets old.

She didn’t want to carry this weight forever.

She feels it on her chest, as heavy as a sumo wrestler…

Making it hard to breathe sometimes.

The thing is, she didn’t know how to let it all go. She had tried going to therapy. She felt like instead of helping her–

It was only dealing with surface issues.

She also tried reading self-help books, watching seminars, trainings, and courses, and they seemed to work… for a while.

She would feel the high, and then when she was all alone…

It would all come crashing down.

Until one day, she came to me. Feeling desperate and not knowing what else to do.

We worked together for months.

And we got deep really fast to the core of her anger, hurt, sadness and trauma.

At first, it seemed like there wasn’t much of a difference. Until one day, a deeply triggering event happened. Before, it would’ve caused her to spiral down for weeks…

And now, she found herself still feeling extreme emotions…

But she was able to overcome them and let them go in just minutes.

And for the first time in a long time…

She finally felt emotionally free.

This transformation didn’t just happen to Lara. Other clients say:

“This is Integrated Healing - the fastest & most effective way to heal. It will get you beyond where you are right now. It works at your heart and soul level.”


a professor

“…I gained the ability to fully clear my own stuff in a new way and allow for it to process fully. I got the experience of going deep and uncovering stuff that I didn't allow myself to go into. These tools will help me for the rest of my life…There is no bull shit to Hang… I feel that she gets me, and she can hold a sacred pace for my healing.”

– Laura Aiisha

singer & entrepreneur

“As an elite athlete for many years, I had been frustrated that I was unable to get rid of my migraine headaches. Every new medication gave me new hope that quickly gave way to disappointment. After working with Hang and using her techniques, I was able to get rid of a headache for the first time!

– Brian Kincher

former elite athlete & gym owner

This course is an online training for those who have done the work and are still stuck. You are seriously seeking to understand the real problems and look for an effective solution.

In this experiential mini-course, I will be working with a wholehearted high performer nonscripted, so you will get to see first hand how it is being done organically. This way, you will learn through practice with us to get the most out of this course.

I am ready to take this JOURNEY!

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